Austin Stairs Railing Paint Policy

While our goal is to provide all services related to working staircases and railing, custom rail painting is a perpetual problem from color, sheen and texture matching to one's preferences regarding faux painting requirements.

Quality painting of metal railing is often a bit more difficult to do well than, for example, house painting.

Normally, Austin Stairs uses standard, oil-based metal paints from either Triple-S Steel (their Blacksmith Brand) or from the oil-based Rustoleum product line from Home Depot or Lowe's. Standard Triple-S Steel metal paint colors can be found here. These paints are specifically designed for wrought iron.

Unfortunately, neither of these local paint suppliers allow custom in-store color matching or automated color mixing. Non-standard paint colors must be hand-mixed or by ratio the old fashioned way. For example, 1-part white to 1-part black makes a medium grey. A rather easy online color mixing program can be found here.

However, we can custom mix RAL colors with a 3-5 week delay at $125 for 1.3 gallons.

We're happy to paint railing with one of our standard colors but if you require a custom color three choices exist: 1) hire an independent paint contractor who can paint the railing in place with your preferred color or have them contact us to make arrangements for offsite painting, 2) supply Austin Stairs with pre-mixed, oil-based Triple-S or Rustoleum paint or 3) order the higher-prcied RAL custom paint with a long lead time.

Normally for maxium durability and coverage, we apply one coat of primer and two paint coats but this may vary with the selected paint. We always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Brush-on, faux and patina painting are excluded from this policy change.

Another albeit more expensive alternative with a very durable finish is to powder coating. Powder comes in a wide variety of colors, finish textures and is formulated for either outdoor or indoor applications. If this is an option please let us know early as the delay can an additional be 2-4 weeks.

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