Need to Create Spiral Staircase Hole?

Either a round (or circular) or square hole can be cut to accommodate a spiral staircase.

For either openig, there needs to spiral attachment at the top usually at the spiral's exit.

For a 5' spiral diameter a 5' 2" opening is needed. Generally add two inches to the diameter of the spiral for the opening.

It's best to provide additional support at the opening. So, beyond 5'2" double the upper floor joints and nail or otherwise fasten the joists together. Simply double-up the joist along all sides. So, instead of 1.5" of board thickness we have 3" of board thickness with the longest joist running the width/length of the room.

If the spiral's base is not on concrete (such as on the 2nd floor) then the same general extra support is needed at the spiral's base. Simply double the joists in the area of the spiral's base. For example, if the room has 14 joists, add two more for 16 at the location of the spiral's base. Even better, add several cross members in the area between the joists.

If Austin Stairs creates the hole and we'll probably assume the floor has adequate support since the spiral is only attaching for lateral support. Add about $300 including the trimout, finish and painting.

Remember that the spiral has to be raised into the opening or lowered into the opening. If raised, the spiral needs to pass through any room(s) to reach the install location. Corkscrewing the spiral through large doorway is a possibility. 

Transporting a one-piece, welded 5' diameter spiral through a 3' wide hallway just doesn't work. Spiral landings can be configured as bolt-ons.

Our experience with bolt-up, piece-by-piece, onsite spiral staircases has not been good.  We don't recommend them.

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