Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stair Options

While some spiral stair features are mandated for one reason or another (i.e. floor-to-floor height and diameter or local building code) many others are optional. 

Here's a spiral stair option list (for both interior and exterior spirals):

  • Rotation (left or right turning during ascend)
  • Construction (welded and fastened (AKA baluster pressed), all welded)
  • Spiral material (metals - steel, aluminum, stainless steel and wood in various species)
  • Code compliance (required if within a city limits)
  • Treads T#1 and T#2 (style, square or round outside edge, inlay/overlay, material, with nose, wood species)
  • Riser bar (style, material, for code compliance)
  • Handrail (profile, material, size, double handrail)
  • Handrail termination (top and bottom - rounded, tongue - varies by material and profile)
  • Balusters including center balusters - most any baluster will work, prefer 5/8" minimum size, 4" spacing is mandatory for code compliant installations
  • Balcony (style, nose, overlay)
  • Balcony gate (style, function)
  • Platform style (square or pie shaped)
  • Finish or finish color (and on what components)
    • Zinc-chromated red oxide primer
    • Aluminum galvite Paint
    • Bare metal
    • Black acrylic enamel
    • Hot dipped galvanized/cleaned meta
    • Mill finish
    • Polished for stainless
    • Powder coating
    • Sandblasted
    • Satin finish
    • Stainless satin finish - #4 brush finish

There other options like increasing the spiral's center column diameter or using heavier tread metal. However, many of these changes are engineered in according to the need.

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