Staircase Frame Inspection Service

Stair Building Consultation/Inspection

Stair Building Consultation/Inspection Service, $400

This Austin Stairs on-site inspection service can be a money saver if the staircase or related framing was completed incorrectly and may help to reduce if not eliminate step squeaking and other annoyances. This field inspection service provides:

  1. A (staircase) plan review including guard railing and electrical.
  2. At stair frame-out completion, a field inspect of the staircase is made to ensure alignment with house plan and local building codes.
  3. Inspection results are communicated to the homeowner/builder/GC via email or fax and/or phone. The staircase inspection will receive a passing or failing grade.
  4. If first inspection receives a failing grade a second inspection will be performed and the result will be communicated as listed above. In rare cases, a third inspection (at a nominal fee) is required.

Typical staircase construction errors are:

  1. Code compliance (including safety defects) especially step and riser dimensions and alignment.
  2. Insufficient or non-existent support blocking.
  3. Insufficient or incorrectly secured stringer(s) or a stringer that's improperly cut, notched too deeply or under-strength. (Prefer stringers of engineered LVLs, glue-lams, or KD material.)
  4. Inadequate staircase structural support, insufficient load handling, poor material quality or incorrect spanning.
  5. First and second floor landing misalignment with the staircase.
  6. An inadequate number of fasteners or an incorrect fastener type and of a lower quality grade.
  7. Poor or inadequate construction techniques that may lead to squeaky steps or steps that may loosen or similar problems or other peculiarities.
  8. Inadequate or missing staircase lighting or light switches.


The inspection may also include suggestions and recommendations not required by code but are good ideas nonetheless.

On site inspection coordination will need to occur between the inspector and the homeowner.

The project site should be within our normal service area.

This service is primarily for Austin Stairs' customers to ensure their staircase is constructed to standards.

Need a staircase inspection?  Contact Austin Stairs Sales @ 512.445.3225 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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