Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircases

Are you looking to build a dramatic spiral staircase? Or, do you want to create that special impression? Austin Stairs can help. Better said, we can build most any spiral to your specifications.

We can build a wood or metal spiral stair with a small 5.5' diameter up to or even larger than 10' in diameter.

Cost? The least expensive spiral material is steel, followed by wood followed by aluminum and stainless.

The stair can be entirely made from wood or metal or a combination of materials such as in the case of a metal frame with a wood veneer.

The downsides. Smaller diameter spiral stairs can't be use as the main form of egress or the main staircase and should be used for carrying laundry baskets or boxes. However, they're great to get to one space to another. For example, to gain quicker access to a library on another floor.

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